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A ginger teenage cat. CUTIE!!!

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alex_jones scolding a a creeper; chases it then it blows up and he dies: minecraft style

Zenkamation: Animated show!

Just a heads up that these shows may begin as rubbish, but, with my gained experience, I can make BETTER. Just ask, in the voting poll down below.

The votes go for ∞

Turbowarp/Scratch games!

Sink the enemy battle ship by getting a good aim with the mouse or L/R stick, Hit LT/RT, click or hold left click to victory!

Move the mouse or L or R stick around to find dangos, then press LT/RT, or click to retrive it. Get to 11!

To connect an xbox gamepad to windows 10/11, open settings > bluetooth & devices, add device, bluetooth, then make sure you have held the tiny button on your controller which makes you big xbox button flash rapidly. Press your controller name on the list; most likely "xbox wireless controller", and now, your connected. Go to one of the games above, and press a few buttons before the game responds. Enjoy!


Try repeatedly pressing "play", and the milliseconds timer will SPEED UP!


The Ningnetwork: Replit edition project had failed. You can also not find @VelocityAU anymore. THIS ningnetwork will continue to be the main, true blue! We still have amazing things getting rolled out, as an apology. Thanks to packager.turbowarp.org, scratch games (turbowarp, actually, if you count the gamepad support) are now availible, in HTML!


The Pointless List