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FUN STUFF: go down

- Internet may be required to send feedback, watch videos & see (MOST) photos.

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Day 1

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So basically i've made a masterpeices. I pretty sure has never done this. I'VE MADE DOWNLOADABLE FILES!!! You can click an app, no sidetracking, no money, no nothing. Just TWO clicks and the setup is downloading!!!! Enjoy content like Opera GX, Zoom & so much more to come!!! So TRY IT NOW!!! And things look... different. That's because thanks to some observing and learning off , I was able to learn my baby steps of the coding language, CSS! I'm also getting on Github. Were seeing a blast in coolness soon!

built on Visual Studio code - Insiders edition


Game: operius _ surfing shooting fun game

you can click this offline and click "play game instead"; it's the same game. If your connection is acting up, your can dissconnect from the internet completly and play like that.

Only school students are allowed to send. sorry!

Hypermarks Entertainment


object games animated show!





Voting isn't reality yet, but it will be!

2023 Ningleons Developers Cooperation